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HolisticGLOBE Expo

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Stop by and see us July 16th…Well will be at the 2016 HolisticGLOBE Expo in West Palm Beach!

2016 HolisticGLOBE Expo ~ West Palm Beach, FL

2016 HolisticGLOBE™ Expo ~ 8th Annual Healing Arts Conference & Exhibits & 3rd USA Tour showcase. Experience a fun, educative and transformational conscious-consumer event created for the entire family, presenting a celebration of human empowerment, spirituality, holistic wellness and sustainability featuring top experts, organizations and brands.

Healing, Empowerment, Fun & Powerful Networking

We provide opportunities for healing, transformation and networking in a loving, non-competitive and co-creative atmosphere for both participants and attendees.

Year after year, our platform hosts hundreds of exhibitors and experts, welcome thousands of eager attendees and originate powerful kindred connections and business alliances across the nation, featuring thousands of participants and vendors, product launches, demos and samplings and hundreds of hours of free holistic education and workshops.

We always welcome…

  • Body-Mind-Spirit
  • Spiritual Development
  • Health, Wellness & Self-care
  • Healing Arts
  • Natural Resources
  • Holistic Lifestyles
  • Healthy Living
  • Leadership, Success & Human Potential
  • Green Living Resources
  • Sustainable Brands
  • Earth-Friendly Products
  • Self-Help & Personal Growth

 We hope to see you there

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