Peyton Manning Checks In With Family Of Infant Who Got Heart Transplant

Peyton Manning Checks In With Family Of Infant Who Got Heart Transplant

A 2-month-old baby in Pueblo is being called a living miracle after getting and surviving a heart transplant.

Cash Blanchfield was diagnosed with a severe heart disease called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, also known as HCM, on top of having a genetic disorder.

“It progressed to the point where both sides were having difficulty getting blood out of the heart,” said pediatric cardiologist Scott Auerbach.


Doctors thought he wouldn’t make it past six months, but then the family’s luck changed. At first Cash didn’t make the criteria to be the highest priority, but doctors made an exception because of the severity of his diagnosis.

The Blanchfields waited several weeks for the phone to ring with good news.

“And I look at him and he was like ‘answer it!’ And our friends, we all just started crying and hugging each other. Cash was on the bed looking around like ‘what’s going on?’” A few minutes later they came in and started prepping him for surgery, so it all happened really fast.” Cash’s mother Amanda Blanchfield said.

Retired Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning even got wind of the little boy and called his parents to wish them well.

Doctors say for the most part Cash will lead a normal life.

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