August Ultrasound Event

August Ultrasound Event

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Join us on August 12th at Margie's Wellness Center in Davie!

We'll be providing all ultrasounds. Breast Ultrasound Screenings, CIMT and Athlete Heart Ultrasound Screenings for only $99 a $150 value.

Breast Ultrasound Screenings

Breast sonography (breast ultrasound) is used to assess potential abnormalities in a patient’s breasts. A mammogram, a two-dimensional X-ray, is not able to provide images of the entire breast. Thus an ultrasound is performed to further evaluate abnormalities that may have been found in a mammogram or a during a clinical breast exam.

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The carotid intima-media thickness test (CIMT) is a measure used to diagnose the extent of carotid atherosclerotic vascular disease. The test measures the thickness of the inner two layers of the carotid artery – the intima and media – and alerts physicians to any thickening when patients are still asymptomatic.

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Athlete Heart Ultrasound Screenings

Each year student athletes receive their routine physical, and now with the Quality Mobile Ultrasound Screens for Teens program, your athletes can participate in heart screenings to rule out Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy or HCM. Although deaths from HCM are rare, 1 in 500 individuals test positive for HCM and a simple heart screening can detect this potentially life-threatening disease.

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All tests include a report from a Certified Doctor. Limited Availability

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