‘Some birth defects can be identified at an early stage’

‘Some birth defects can be identified at an early stage’

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Certain infections, genetic disorders and birth defects can be identified at an early stage though ultrasound scans. With improved technology and precise diagnostic features, the health of the infant can be monitored from close quarters in the womb, director of Mediscan Systems, Chennai S. Suresh has said.

After inaugurating a high-end ultrasound machine at the newly-launched Pinnacle Women’s Imaging Centre at Siripuram on Sunday, he said: “Such scans not only help identify the problems to provide need-based supportive or curative care to the infant in the womb but also prepares parents for the challenges that lie ahead. Generally, a pregnant woman is recommended to go for ultrasound examination three times during her nine-month pregnancy,” said Prof. Suresh.

Explaining the benefits of scanning, consultant foetal medicine of Pinnacle Hospital K.V. Sridevi said: “Any abnormality in the heart rate of the baby can be controlled with timely medical intervention by detecting the problem through ultrasound scanning. However, certain abnormalities like mental disorders will be difficult to trace at an early stage.”

Directors of the hospital K.V. Prasad and R. Kishore said that the agenda of inaugurating women’s imaging centre, a joint venture of Bengaluru-based Healthcare Global Enterprises Limited, in the city was to provide comprehensive healthcare to people at an affordable price. “From the prenatal diagnosis to antenatal care, the clinic is a one stop destination that caters to diverse needs of a pregnant woman,” they added.

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