Rio Hondo Faculty receive Longevity Health Screenings

Rio Hondo Faculty receive Longevity Health Screenings

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Photo by Aaron Martinez/ El Paisano Faculty can receive health screenings at a discounted price through Longevity.

Photo by Aaron Martinez/ El Paisano
Faculty can receive health screenings at a discounted price through Longevity.

Longevity, a medical company that travels from business to business, provided Rio Hondo faculty members with on-campus preventative screenings on April 6.

Faculty, along with family and friends, were invited to participate in the screenings.  On-site examination tents were set up so patients could comfortably be examined in a familiar medical environment.

“It’s [the screening] preventative measures, making sure there’s (sic) no issues before there’s (sic) actually symptoms,” ultrasound technician Jay Torres said.

Torres, along with other sonographers from Longevity, travel to different businesses and schools throughout Southern California to perform on-site early detection screenings.

Major organs, such as the heart, liver, pancreas, spleen and kidneys are the main focus points for these tests.

When viewing the heart, for example, things such as enlarged chambers and irregular heartbeats are looked for.  Arteries are also examined in case an individual has plaque build-up.  Heart disease and cancer can be detected with the use of ultrasound.

“We use ultrasound machines to do all the screenings so there’s no harmful radiation,” Torres said.   X-rays, CT Scans and MRIs should be limited in usage per year since they pose a threat to a patient’s health if they are overexposed throughout their lifetime.

Preventative assessments are sometimes necessary since physicians use sonography as a last resort.  For the most part, doctors will only prescribe an ultrasound if there are symptoms present.  This leaves many internal problems to remain in an individual until possibly dangerous and painful symptoms emerge at later times in the person’s life.

“A lot of times, we find abnormalities that people don’t know they have.  You could be walking around with a cyst or stone in your gallbladder, and because of this [examination] you find out,” ultrasound technician Ivette Adame said.

Finding these abnormalities may mean the difference between life and death, especially when it comes to cancer.  The examinations take about an hour and have no side effects.  Results are also available the same day.

Longevity offers multiple screening options.  Prices range from as low as $25 to $190, depending on what the patient chooses.

Longevity also offers echocardiogram, abdominal cancer screening, carotid ultrasound, aortic aneurysm, colon cancer, pelvic ultrasound and bone density screenings.

A five-screening package is also available for $250 with an employee discount.  Friends and family of an employee pay $350 for the same package.  This also includes students who are interested in the screening for themselves.

These screenings are paid for on-the-spot without involving health insurance.  However, some people may be eligible for reimbursement if their health insurance covers the cost once specific forms are completed and submitted.

Payment plans are also available upon request.

For more information about these screenings or to make an appointment, call (888)-55-HEART or visit

Information to attend upcoming wellness seminars hosted by Longevity are also available online.

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